Signia Aerospace is built on decades of proven performance and partnership in the aircraft systems industry.

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Our knowledgeable, focused teams and experienced engineers are driven to design solutions that enhance aircraft safety, performance, and comfort.

The finest aircraft manufacturers in the world trust Signia Aerospace as partners to develop and enhance the engineering and performance of products and systems, and to bring innovative solutions to market, fast.

Our brands are recognized for industry-leading development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art thermal management systems, as well as innovation and excellence in the design and production of mission-specific equipment.

Our brands are recognized for industry-leading development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art thermal management systems, as well as innovation and excellence in the design and production of mission-specific equipment.

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Built on Industry-Leading Solutions

The proven brands that operate under the Signia Aerospace ecosystem lead the field in thermal management and mission-specific equipment. They are the brands of choice for pilots, maintenance directors, ground crews, and supply chain professionals worldwide, in commercial, private, and military applications. Our depth of expertise and unique pool of resources allows us to act as an integrated, nimble partner in the design, manufacture, delivery, and service of highly specialized aircraft systems and components.

ACE Thermal Systems

Lifesaving Systems

Mezzo Technologies

Onboard Systems


ACE Thermal Systems designs and produces environmental controls for some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. An engineering team with deep experience in system integration and component design is backed by extensive in-house testing and certification capabilities.


Excellence in engineering, product development, and manufacturing has led to ACE’s reputation as an OEM partner for products with some of the industry’s shortest lead times, lowest failure rates and longest lifespans.

Lifesaving Systems designs and manufactures rescue, safety, and survival equipment that serves the world’s Search & Rescue (SAR) responders within the Aviation and Marine sectors, as well as other industry professionals and operators working in the maritime and aviation environments. Lifesaving Systems makes the gear rescuers need to stay alive while saving others.

Mezzo manufacturers a variety of heat exchangers using microtube technology, serving aerospace, military, automotive racing, and energy/power sectors, and the technology continues to find new ways to serve additional emerging markets. Their heat exchangers for aerospace include bleed air coolers, oil coolers, intercoolers, environmental control heat exchangers, liquid-liquid heat exchangers, light weight radiators, and more. In other markets Mezzo delivers heat exchangers for CO 2 (SCO 2) power plants, and high-perfomance racing automobiles.

Onboard Systems serves a large and diverse customer base around the world, including airframe manufacturers, major military forces, and thousands of commercial operators. Known for designing the best cargo hook equipment in the world, the brand was built around meeting operators’ needs from a technical standpoint, as well as usability and total cost of ownership


Onboard leads the industry in meeting the changing needs of this demanding aviation sector with cargo hooks, weighing systems, and other equipment that enhances safety and reduces pilot workload. Lead time for new product development is one of the fastest in the industry.

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Signia Aerospace is right sized for fast action and responsive engagement, but our people truly make a difference.

Our leadership team of industry professionals runs off the steam of collaboration and shared ideas, knowing that the truly best solutions in any industry come from the combined experience of people who use the product and the manufacturing professionals and company leadership that make the product. We take personal ownership in the excellence that comes from the combined effort of every member of the Signia Aerospace team.

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We are growing as rapidly as the aerospace industry with career opportunities across many of the Signia brands. We work to empower our teams with exceptional opportunities for advancement as we pioneer new technology for the future of aerospace.

Every day with Signia is a new experience in an industry that defines new. We’re looking for new talent in our mission to lead the way on this challenging mission. Use your specialized expertise to Rise, with Signia.