At Signia Aerospace, we are honored to partner with the leaders in aerospace to advance what’s possible through flight. From military operations to medevac transport, VIP operators, and firefighting, our solutions play an integral role in enabling our customers to do their jobs day-in, and day-out. It’s a responsibility that we don’t take lightly, and one that inspires us every single day.

Military Operations
Search & Rescue Missions
Law Enforcement
VIP, Private Operations
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Fixed Wing

Our solutions integrate into fixed wing aircraft in general aviation and commercial aircraft. Our thermal management systems support business jets, crop sprayers, law enforcement, and more. Closed, pressurized cabins elevate the importance of cabin air exchange rate. Cooling air and heating air plays an essential role in the fixed wing space, and we’re committed to improving our technical solutions year over year.

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Onboard Systems cargo hooks and weighing systems are factory-installed by every major rotorcraft OEM. From firefighting to military transportation of external cargo, and search and rescue operations featuring Human External Cargo (HEC) kits, our mission equipment is trusted for the most critical operations in rotorcraft.

In environmental control solutions we’ve paved the way for air conditioning and climate control in rotorcraft. We help OEM’s meet mandates and requirements for critical missions such as medical patient transport and enable the use of rotorcraft in extreme environmental conditions, while keeping operators safe.



As eVTOL emerges, we are actively adapting designs, engineering new systems, and crafting equipment for lighter weights and increased reliability, delivering optimum power management and performance.

Leading the Way

We’ve partnered with some of the most-recognized manufacturers in the industry, pioneering thousands of products and designs for commercial and military aircraft for more than 40 years.

We are dedicated to the success of our customers, and we prove it with our emphasis on superior engineering, increased cost-effectiveness, and responsive customer collaboration.

Explore our Technical Solutions

Thermal Management

Our proven design and engineering teams offer deep experience in systems integration, component design, and certification. We lead the space in environmental control systems for helicopters and fixed-wing general aviation aircraft, with solutions that meet the unique needs of the evolving eVOTL market.


Mission Equipment

As a leading provider of helicopter cargo hooks and associated mission-specific equipment, we’ve designed and manufactured thousands of products for commercial and military aircraft that provide revolutionary functionality, performance, and safety features.