Signia Aerospace is an innovator and leader in designing and manufacturing the equipment used to perform a variety of critical rotorcraft external load mission profiles, as well as maritime rescue and survival gear.

Mission equipment
Signia Aerospace provides external load mission solutions for the rotorcraft industry through the Onboard Systems International brand, and helicopter and maritime rescue equipment through the Lifesaving Systems brand.

We’ve engineered mission critical equipment suitable for use on land or at sea, in every climate across the globe, from frozen fjords to sand-swept deserts to salt-laden coastal zones. Our mission-specific solutions facilitate firefighting, search and rescue, construction, military equipment transport, and critical infrastructure maintenance operations.

Our passion for quality, safety, and superior performance, coupled with responsive customer support and service, has made our brands of mission equipment the preferred choice among pilots, military boat crews and aviators, maintenance directors, ground crews, and purchasing agents worldwide. 


Onboard Systems is the leading global provider of external cargo handling equipment for civil and military rotorcraft. Onboard’s portfolio of innovative, holistic cargo hook systems, human external cargo (HEC) systems, Onboard Weighing Systems and mission-specific remote equipment is factory-installed on over 30 helicopter models serving both OEM and aftermarket customers. Its lightweight, high-quality products provide operators with increased safety and cost efficiencies through customer-driven designs, responsive service and support, and flexible maintenance options.


Lifesaving Systems Corp. is an innovator and leader in the world of maritime rescue and survival equipment. For over 40 years, Lifesaving Systems designs and manufactures the equipment that helicopter and maritime rescue teams use to save lives in some of the harshest environments on earth. From rescue hooks and personnel harnesses, to titanium ladders and rescue litters, and to the strobe lights used to signal for help and the rescue strops that pull people to safety, Lifesaving Systems makes the gear rescuers need to stay alive while saving others. 

unparalleled support

Partners with Leading Aerospace Manufacturers
and Search and Rescue Organizations

As a leading provider of innovative helicopter cargo hooks and external load equipment, Onboard has partnered with helicopter manufacturers and aircraft completion centers around the world. Lifesaving Systems serves global Search & Rescue (SAR) responders within the Aviation and Marine sectors, including all branches of the US Military, foreign militaries, police and fire departments, international and domestic civilian helicopter operators, and rescue agencies. 

About Signia Aerospace

At Signia Aerospace, our teams are knowledgeable, focused and driven to design solutions that enhance aircraft safety, performance and comfort. Our tenured experts understand how thermal management solutions and specialized mission equipment integrate into larger, complex systems and are dedicated to building long-term partnerships.

Mask group

Technical Solutions

From design and manufacturing, to repair and support, Signia Aerospace is your partner for technically advanced aerospace challenges for thermal management and mission-specific equipment. We leverage more than 40 years of proven product development with emerging technology, crafting customized solutions that ensure our customers experience next-generation performance.

Thermal engineering


We lead the space in environmental control systems for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, with an eye toward the unique needs of the evolving eVOTL market. Each of our Signia Aerospace thermal management brands has engineering teams with deep experience in system integration, component design and certification.