Signia Aerospace Acquires Lifesaving Systems Corp.

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Lifesaving Systems Corp.

Signia Aerospace, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, today announced the acquisition of Lifesaving Systems Corp. (“Lifesaving Systems” or “LSC”). Based in Florida, Lifesaving Systems is a premier global supplier of helicopter and maritime rescue and survival equipment.

“Lifesaving Systems is a leader in maritime rescue equipment and will be an excellent addition to our Signia Mission Systems business segment alongside Onboard Systems,” said Norman Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of Signia Aerospace. “Together, our products will continue to play a significant role in rescue and disaster relief operations worldwide.”

Cory VanBuskirk, President of Signia Mission Systems, will oversee both Onboard Systems and Lifesaving Systems. Mario Vittone, LSC General Manager, will continue in his role leading growth, development, and operations at Lifesaving Systems. “We are very impressed with LSC’s dedication to safety and quality in their rescue equipment, which perfectly aligns with Onboard System’s core values,” VanBuskirk said.

Mario Vittone added, “Every hour of every day, something built at Lifesaving Systems is on or over the waters of the world, being used to save lives. We know the importance of what we are making; we know how and where it will be used — and we know that it absolutely cannot fail when it’s needed. The entire team at Lifesaving Systems is looking forward to the progress and passion that Signia Aerospace will bring to our mission as we continue to save lives, one product at a time.”

About Signia Aerospace

Signia Aerospace is a global, integrated provider of high-performance systems and specialized components for the aerospace industry. Signia currently operates two complementary business segments: Thermal Management (key brands include ACE Thermal Systems and Mezzo Technologies) and Mission Systems (key brands include Onboard Systems International and Lifesaving Systems Corp.). The Signia brands are leaders in their respective markets and provide a compelling value proposition to both aerospace and defense OEMs and end-users.

About Lifesaving Systems

Lifesaving Systems Corp. is an innovator and leader in the world of maritime rescue and survival equipment. For over 40 years, Lifesaving Systems designs and manufactures the equipment that helicopter and maritime rescue teams use to save lives in some of the harshest environments on earth. From rescue hooks and personnel harnesses, to titanium ladders and rescue litters, and to the strobe lights used to signal for help and the rescue strops that pull people to safety, Lifesaving Systems makes the gear rescuers need to stay alive while saving others. For more information visit

About Arcline Investment Management

Arcline is a growth-oriented private equity firm with $8.6 billion in cumulative capital commitments. Arcline seeks to invest in technology-driven, meaningful to the world industrial businesses that enable a better future. For more information visit

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